June 28, 2018
London W11, 3JQ
Time: 7.30pm - 2am
Venue: The Notting Hill Arts Club

“The Original Art Party!”
A synthesis of sound and vision.
Art inspired by Music

The Art Of Sounds put on events to celebrate emerging artists.
An exhibition, Live Drawing and doodling all themed around music.
Artists are selected to display Genre influenced pieces. During the night they
collaborate on a mural while taking inspiration directly from the music being played.
Challenged to ‘Draw What You Hear’ the artists spontaneously translate the songs into art on a canvas. The theme for our next event is R&B

Live Drawing: Stazzy, J. King, Karima Alexander & Mamamanvz
Exhibiting: Fatmart, Mister Westrup, The Royce Project + More
DJs: Chad Alexander, Levels, Seb N Lowstah & Ellie Prohan
Sponsors: Twisted Pear, Jagermeister, Fat Tones Shop, The Jukebox & Posca Pens