earth2zoe Drops Heartbreak Song ok bye

by Marcus Adetola

23rd June, 2022

Heartbreak has been an inspirational staple for songwriting. And although it can be a good source of inspiration, it does not mean every song dipped in feelings of heartbreak turns out good. However, the song, ok bye by rising Toronto artist earth2zoe ticks all the right boxes with heartfelt vocals and relatable lyrics.

The lush backdrop of mellow instrumentals plays its part as it works in tandem with other elements in the song to immerse you in a journey of discovery and acceptance of the relationship ending.

I think while creating “ok bye,” I knew I wanted the listener to feel how I felt in the moment of making this song and realizing, ‘damn, this song is so fucking sad but so fucking good and relatable.’ I want the listener to use this song as their go-to sad song,” earth2zoe comments. “When you’re upset, confused or just hating a boy (or girl) in the moment because your relationship is falling apart. I had so many emotions while writing this song, and they really come through while listening. That’s what I want the listener to hear and feel, the emotions of this song. This song takes you on an emotional journey, and I’m in love with that about this song.

ok bye is out now.

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