Riaz Ahmad Warms The Soul With Stunning New EP ‘All at Sea’

Fri Feb 21 2020

“I wanted to share the experience of people from our community.” ‘All at Sea’ is the stunning new EP from talented singer-songwriter Riaz Ahmad. It’s the perfect tonic for a long week with its soothing sounds and tranquil instrumentals. The 4-track project is about personal subjects such as love, migration, and family. It reaches deep […]

Music Premiere: ‘Tendency’ By ZEMBU

Fri Feb 14 2020

My first thought when hearing the latest single ‘Tendency’ by indie-pop-electronic producer and vocalist ZEMBU was, it makes me feel alive. There is something in the warmth and airiness of the song that takes you to a place where the sun is shining down on your face and you feel calm and free. Isn’t music […]

Exclusive Interview With Bishop Briggs

Thu Jan 23 2020

Bishop Briggs proved how multi-talented she is by hitting us hard with her debut album ‘Church Of Scars’ back in 2018, a fusion of Trap, Alternative Pop and Folk-influenced songs. Earlier singles ‘Wild Horses,’ ‘White Flag,’ and ‘River’. Since emerging in 2017, Bishop Briggs has one and a half billion cumulative streams and earned a […]

Interview With Rising Star Vallé

Mon Dec 09 2019

“This album is kind of like an audible cinematic movie of a period of my life” Singer-songwriter Vallé drops a teaser of his soon to come debut EP ‘Care For Me’ with ‘Star’. We witness his effortless fusion of R&B and Rap with lyrics that are honest and transparent.  From this track alone Vallé displays […]

Interview With YolanDa Brown, Award-Winning Broadcaster & Saxophonist

Fri Dec 06 2019

On the evening of the Drake YolanDa award, UK’s first British producer and songwriter prize, we caught up with it’s founder YolanDa Brown also known as the award-winning broadcaster, UK’s leading female saxophonist and music educator whose tasty fusion of reggae, jazz, and soul has garnered praise around the world as she prepared to play […]

Interview With Vaughan As He Releases Debut EP ‘I Am’

Fri Nov 29 2019

“Each track on the I AM EP helped me come to terms with loving myself“ Singer-songwriter extraordinaire VAUGHAN has released his sublime debut EP ‘I AM’, a sincere account of his life experience and how it has shaped him. ‘I AM’ contains four songs and they portray the breadth of VAUGHAN’s versatility. His vocals are […]

Exclusive Interview With Akheim Allen

Wed Nov 20 2019

“music is used as therapy” With a slick rapping style, which easily stands alongside other British greats such as Chip and Wiley, Akheim Allen has recently dropped a lo-fi, trippy, synth track entitled ‘Sir.’ Chilled Trap music at its’ finest, ‘Sir’ is a good introduction to Akheim’s sound. We had a little chat with the […]

Premiere: Shreya Preeti Releases Two-Track Single, ‘Willoughby’

Thu Nov 14 2019

“The goals I have for my music career are all shaped almost entirely by my heritage and upbringing” ‘Wannabe’ is the new single from Shreya Preeti along with ‘Willoughby’ and it’s incredibly relevant in the age of Instagram, and projecting a particular image to the world. “If I see another stupid picture, I think I might […]

Interview With Arliston As They Release ‘Wicked Game’

Tue Nov 05 2019

“We thought we’d change a few letters around, and came up with Arliston” Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ is one of my favourite songs ever and I have heard a few covers but nothing has grabbed my attention as much as Arliston’s take on this iconic song. The rippling piano underpins the whole track which takes […]

Interview With Noah Slee Following The Flamboyant ‘Do That’

Tue Oct 22 2019

“‘Do That’ is a reminder to myself to be unapologetic and live my life” Noah Slee and Fhat are 100% throwing some of the most flamboyant and energetic music out there right now via their new collaborative track ‘Do That’. It showcases a masterfully performed riff on the electric guitar, full of the utmost slickness, […]

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