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Femi Jaye Releases The Ultimate Romantic Backdrop With Pull Up

Sun Aug 15 2021

Femi Jaye releases the ultimate romantic backdrop to a sultry summer with his new release Pull Up. For those who are starved of affection and romance then sink into this luscious number which embraces you with warm instrumentals, rich vocals, Afro-RnB layers and beautiful visuals. This journey feels like celebrationAnd I’m feeling the elation Curl […]

Jane Mathew Releases An Honest Portrayal Of Friendship In What Fire

Sun Aug 15 2021

What Fire is the striking new single from Toronto singer-songwriter Jane Mathew. Intricate fingerpicking combines with lush vocals, harmonies and a melody that winds an intoxicating path. Jane tells the story of a friend who experienced a difficult time in her life and she reflects on whether she contributed towards those difficulties or if there […]

Philip Jonathan Releases The Mesmerizing I, Hope

Sun Aug 15 2021

Following his stunning debut release Seafront, Philip Jonathan doesn’t disappoint with his latest single I, Hope. The song draws you in with tender acoustics and an atmospheric backdrop. Layers of harmonies and piano unfurl creating an altogether mesmerizing, intimate and raw exploration of a relationship with disappointment from the perspective of hope. “The idea for […]

Anjulie Makes A Bold Statement With Big Bad World

Sun Aug 15 2021

Platinum-selling singer-songwriter Anjulie drops Big Bad World, an incredibly relevant song for our times. With hard-hitting lyrics wrapped up in a shiny bow of dreamy vocals, an intoxicating melody and glossy visuals. Big Bad World is the title track from the Toronto artists’ self-produced sophomore album. The lyrics speak for themselves but the song discusses […]

Relax Into Summer With Big Narstie In Smoking and Chillin

Sat Jul 31 2021

Relax into summer with Big Narstie and his new release Smoking and Chillin‘. Glorynade contributes to the carefree nostalgic undertones with her soulful vocals and compliments Big Narstie’s distinctive playful flow. Colourful visuals show the British artist enjoying life with fans at London’s 4/20 event in Hyde Park as well as the sunnier climes of […]

Dominique Simone Unveils Her Intimate Song Sweater

Sat Jul 31 2021

Sink into the sultry glow of Sweater by Dominique Simone. The song feels quite stripped back but laden with emotion. Soulful, languid vocals and harmonies float over a bed of electronic embellishments and textures.  Sweater is about those days when we don’t feel good about ourselves and just want to stay hidden away from the […]

Jake Sing Drops The Anthemic And Empowering Fresh Off The Boat

Sat Jul 31 2021

Jake $ing drops his anthemic and empowering new release Fresh Off The Boat. The song has a summery vibe and very catchy melody, but the song has a darker undertone as it explores the violence and hatred towards Asians which has increased during the era of the pandemic, “I guess that’s the world we’re living […]

Robert Grace Releases His Personal Song Self

Sat Jul 31 2021

Robert Grace drops his catchy release Self featuring Emma Steinbakken. The track has an uplifting, carefree feel to it but lyrically it’s reflective and honest. It’s about those inner thoughts that can affect positive situations – and can’t we all relate to that sometimes? Grace has hit the nail on the head with all aspects […]

Ryan Nealon Releases Tender Visuals For Not Coming Home

Sun Jul 25 2021

Ryan Nealon has released the visuals to his heartwarming single Not Coming Home. When he was five years old the singer-songwriter lost his mother to a drunk driver and this song is what he thinks she would tell him if she were alive today. Emotive vocals are layered over tender acoustics with a catchy melody […]

Zac Hurst Captures Hearts With Falling In Love On My Own

Sun Jul 25 2021

Zac Hurst captures hearts with his new release Falling In Love On My Own. The East-London singer-songwriter has dropped a glossy pop ballad and slick visuals that encapsulates youthful romance to perfection. Zac used the lockdown as an opportunity to create more music people could relate to and he has certainly done that with this […]

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