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A Colourful Return For Rayelle With ‘Freedom’

Fri Oct 11 2019

“freedom, that’s all we want!” Nashville pop star Rayelle has announced the release of her new single ‘Freedom’ and it is the sound of October! You expect to hear of bluesy country music when you hear that an artist has their roots in Nashville but what Rayelle delivers in this new single is something so […]

Syn Cole

Video Premiere: Syn Cole & Dakota ‘Lights Go Down’

Mon Jun 03 2019

Syn Cole is back with another summery hit with London-based singer Dakota who featured on the 2015 re-make of Tracey Chapman’s classic hit ‘Fast Car’ by Jonas Blue. Once again using her hypnotising, silky smooth voice, we hear her on Cole’s latest track ‘Lights Go Down’. Estonian DJ and producer Syn Cole first rose to […]

The Luck

Lucky Stars – The Rise Of Americana Sibling Duo The Luck

Wed Apr 10 2019

With upbeat country vibes and music to make you smile, we introduce to you brother-sister duo The Luck made up of Max and Esmay Luck. The pair are due to play at Thousand Island at The Garage Islington soon and here’s why you need to get a ticket! Earlier this year The Luck played at […]

Exclusive Interview With Makola At Camden Assembly

Mon Sep 10 2018

Last week I had the great pleasure of meeting afrobeat duo Makola at The Camden Assembly where they played an amazing show and got all the attendees on their feet including me. Their beat rushed straight through me and even some of the most controversial songs such as ‘Crown’ made me really think about my […]

UK Country Star Vic Allen Releases ‘Blinded’

Thu Aug 16 2018

Country singer Vic Allen has just released her brand-new single ‘Blinded’ and we were so ready for it! Following her fan-funded EP ‘Between The Lines’ that was released earlier this year, Allen recently signed with the independent record label GingerDog. Vic Allen has climbed the music ladder since 2016 when she independently released her self-written […]

In Conversation with Cosmic Arcade

Sun Jun 24 2018

I had the pleasure of attending a small music festival in Bournemouth at Sixty Million Postcards and I stumbled across a great new act that is making music in Bournemouth called Cosmic Arcade. The band is unique considering it is formed of six members who all break off occasionally and make their own songs, and they only […]

The Soho Music Festival 2018 At L’Escargot

Thu Jun 21 2018

We arrived at L’Escargot in Soho at 10:30 am and sat in the downstairs restaurant tucking into some pastries before we were ushered upstairs to the Salon Noir where we were due to watch our first act who was the Russian pianist, GeNIA. The room was beautiful and the large skylight above our heads created […]

Celebrating 25 Years Of Positiva Records x Ministry Of Sound

Celebrating 25 Years Of Positiva Records x Ministry Of Sound

Tue May 15 2018

Walking down the neon-lit streets of London we could hear the beats of the Ministry Of Sound blaring before we even turned the corner. Spotting the iconic logo we headed inside to celebrate the Positiva Records 25th Anniversary celebration who were taking over MOS for two nights. As we headed inside there was a collection of […]

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