K.I.N.G. the MC’s Prayer For This Crazy World

Thu Apr 30 2020

K.I.N.G. the MC’s prayer for this Crazy World. God knows it needs urgent attention and fixing. He pours his heart right out from the jump about the unbalanced nature of the world. He lyrically meanders on the ominous instrumentals narrating his belief in the form of prose. You can feel the emotions from K.I.N.G the […]

Luxuriate In The Warmth Of Audira’s Juana

Thu Apr 30 2020

Luxuriate in the warmth of Audira’s new single Juana. It’s a rich, vibrant Dancehall/Afrobeat fusion with a pulsing bass and lush harmonies. Audira likes to experiment with sounds. His 2018 EP consisted mainly of pop music but he knew he had to return to his original love of Dancehall and Afrobeat “because its all natural […]

Fade By Freddie Long Is The Remedy For Anxiety

Thu Apr 30 2020

Fade by Freddie Long is the remedy for anxiety, and it could be yours too in this difficult time. On Fade, Freddie Long sings with emotional adeptness of his battle with anxiety. Even though the topic is sullen, you do not feel it, as Freddie’s vocal charisma enchants you. “Music is the answer. Music has always been the […]

Glitra By Brijs Is A Euphoric Soundtrack

Thu Apr 30 2020

Glitra by Brijs is a euphoric soundtrack to our days in this lockdown. It rings with the would-be triumphant emotions of the time following this pandemic. For now, it’s an uplifting anthem that epitomizes the feeling of euphoria to make the days bearable. However, Brijs had something else in mind when he wrote the song. […]

Take A Ride with NY Teez To A Quarantine Sound Haven

Thu Apr 30 2020

Take A Ride with NY Teez to a quarantine sound haven. It’s a track filled with lush tones that create a chillout vibe with hints of nostalgia. That is not surprising due to the current situation at hand with the quarantine.  With mellow rhythmic rap verses on a bed of sweet melodious hooks, NY Teez creates […]

10 Songs That Are Keeping Us Emotionally Sane At Home

Thu Apr 30 2020

Bored of your boredom, deleted Zoom yet, heard enough jokes about quran-tunes? Our writer Thomas Harvey gives you 10 Songs to help keep you emotionally sane at home. Innerstate – Zaia Visualise with me; we’re riding down the motorway windows down, summer is just starting and this song is playing in the car. Zaia is […]

Silence Is A Potent Song From Benjamin Fayah x Carter

Wed Apr 29 2020

Silence can speak volumes and you won’t want any distractions when you listen to the new single by Benjamin Fayah x Carter. Surinamese artists Benjamin Fayah (Fayah meaning fire in his native tongue) and Carter have created a song filled with nonchalant instrumentals and nimble vocals. You can interpret its meaning to be about a […]

Get Lost In Childhood Memories With Plàsi’s Remember

Wed Apr 29 2020

Remember when summer days felt endless and you were filled with the innocence of youth? Get lost in childhood memories with Plàsi’s new single Remember. Let the serene instrumentals wash over you and take you back to those carefree days in the sun. Remember the days when tomorrow was none We lived in the moment, […]

Imagine Grand Things With Skott On Talk About Me

Wed Apr 29 2020

Imagine grand things with Skott on Talk About Me. The acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer recently released her new single Talk About Me. It captures unique qualities that make it stand out. From the onset, you are mesmerized by the array of different sounds in uniform flux. The track is a balanced blend of […]

In My Sights By Series Is The Anthem To Your Summer 

Tue Apr 28 2020

Now and then I’m introduced to a song that possesses the power to throw me back into the good times of a previous Summer. Whether that be the memory of the late afternoon BBQs, days at the beach soaking up the sun, the endless amount of pub garden meet ups, and of course heading up […]

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