Olive Louise’s ‘Bad Things’ Spins A Dark Tale

Sat Feb 29 2020

Olive Louise’s ‘Bad Things’ spins a dark tale of her past ordeal with mental health. Seconds into ‘Bad Things’, I found myself enthralled by Olive Louise’s music. Before I took the time to understand the message in ‘Bad Things’, I was already blown away by her vocal adeptness. The track sounds out like a nursery rhyme. […]

Jonas Blue & Paloma Faith Are A Match Made In Heaven With ‘Mistakes’

Fri Feb 28 2020

‘Mistakes’ brings two top talents together for the first time. British hit sensations Jonas Blue and Paloma Faith need no introduction and they have both been keen to worth with each other for a while. “Mistakes is such a special one for me, I’ve wanted to work with Paloma for a long time, and this […]

Jess Chalker’s Secrets Is Energetic & Vibrant

Fri Feb 28 2020

It is exciting listening to the multi-talented singer-songwriter Jess Chalker’s second single ‘Secrets’. The new single ‘Secrets’ is vibrant and energetic with a colourful mix of loud synths, memorable hooks, and guitar solos.. It exhibits all the qualities of the best era in music. The track is a bundle of fun with lighthearted lyrics. It […]

Nyne Shares A Unique Outlook On ‘Champagne Life’

Fri Feb 28 2020

Nyne’s single ‘Champagne Life’ offers a unique outlook on the typical assumption of what this lifestyle is. The RnB singer delivers her vocals effortlessly with a smooth and laidback tempo.  However, the lyrics tell a darker story of how one can get lost chasing a dream. And the deeper you go the harder it is to […]

Yury Picks Up Pace With Single ‘Branded’

Fri Feb 28 2020

Yury picks up the pace with his new single ‘Branded’ and it is a clear statement of an artist not settling for mediocrity in this rap game. Life is a race for this globetrotting artist who is on a mission to break creative boundaries. Yury mentions it  several times like a battle cry. I don’t […]

Mongolian Metal Outfit The HU Sells Out Brighton’s Chalk

Thu Feb 27 2020

The HU blends heavy metal, with Mongolian throat singing, and traditional Mongolian instruments, to create a unique metal sound. The group hailing from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia has been disrupting the airwaves since their debut singles (‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ and ‘Wolf Totem’) went viral in 2018 gifting the band over 25 million and 37 million views […]

ST3PH X Karl Williams’s New Single BABYLON

Thu Feb 27 2020

ST3PH X Karl Williams’s new single BABYLON is a socially conscious track that challenges the status quo present in society today. The duo fearlessly touches on the political and social paradigm in society without coming across overbearing. Most importantly ST3PH X Karl Williams’s creative approach on the new single makes it stand out even more. […]

Listening To ‘Empty Doors’ by YADAM

Thu Feb 27 2020

Listening to ‘Empty Doors’ by YADAM draws me into a hypnotic state. There is no escaping the sweet and harmonious melody of ‘Empty Doors’ with YADAM’s voice to create the perfect concoction to seduce you into his world. YADAM sings ‘Empty Doors’ in three different languages English, French, and Spanish. He starts singing in French, the […]

Joe Armon-Jones Provides A Welcome Escape From The Storm

Wed Feb 26 2020

Joe Armon-Jones and his ensemble played their trance-like fusion of dub and jazz on an incredibly wet and windy Sunday night in Brighton’s seafront venue, Patterns. The keyboardist and producer released his first solo album in 2018, which showcased him as a songwriter and arranger with his unique dub jazz. He was one of the […]

By Land Releases His Unique Debut Solo Project ‘Half Of Us’

Wed Feb 26 2020

Björn Lindberg, professionally known as By Land, has proven that he is a unique Swedish producer and songwriter songwriter. Especially with the release of his new track ‘Half Of Us’ which delivers characteristics of ole-skool Tricky, with its repetitive, complex and infectious riff, providing the catchy element, alongside an off-beat kick and snare which occurs […]

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