Interview With Vaughan As He Releases Debut EP ‘I Am’

Fri Nov 29 2019

“Each track on the I AM EP helped me come to terms with loving myself“ Singer-songwriter extraordinaire VAUGHAN has released his sublime debut EP ‘I AM’, a sincere account of his life experience and how it has shaped him. ‘I AM’ contains four songs and they portray the breadth of VAUGHAN’s versatility. His vocals are […]

Premiere: D’Melo – ‘Faithful’

Fri Nov 29 2019

‘Faithful’ is D’Melo’s third release and in its brief time period relays a bouncy, playful feel with a catchy hook and slick beat which will make you crave more. D’Melo blends a variety of musical styles with ease and his flow is water-tight. Originally from Nigeria, D’Melo’s roots influence his music as well as his […]

‘Breathing In Reverse’ Is A Psychedelic Rush From Panaviscope

Thu Nov 28 2019

“if we lose ourselves in the wind, yeah, will we get this purple feeling?” ‘Breathing In Reverse’ absorbs the listener immediately with its rush of psychedelia and eclectic sound and it doesn’t disappoint as the track carries on. The first few chords reminds me slightly of Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ but the song is purely unique […]

An Elegant Performance From Weyes Blood At Electric Brixton

Thu Nov 28 2019

‘Titanic Rising’ remains one of my favourite albums from 2019. Released last April, the album received critical acclaim for its incredible orchestration, production, and writing. The beautiful string arrangements supporting Weyes Blood’s stunning voice and backing vocals are real standouts on the album. Both give the music elegance and have a Phil Spector, Beach Boy-esque […]

On-The-Go Releases The Up-Tempo ‘Never Enough’

Thu Nov 28 2019

Following in the footsteps of ’70s and 80’s Alt-Rock acts such as The Psychedelic Furs and Pete Shelley, On-The-Go has released their latest song ‘Never Enough,’ a track which delivers, possibly, the catchiest guitar riff of the year, with its’ delay, reverb and chorus effects throwing us back to the early career of Folk singer […]

Nostalgic Dream-Pop From Trunky Juno With ‘It’s A Trip’

Tue Nov 26 2019

Trunky Juno is definitely not from this era. But one thing is for certain…he is bringing back an era of Indie music which sadly doesn’t feature much in the charts anymore. We’re specifically referring to when David Bowie was releasing Industrial and Drum & Bass-influenced singles such as ‘Little Wonder’ during the 90’s Rave and […]

‘Want Me’ Is A Playful Pop-Soul Offering From Buwa

Mon Nov 25 2019

We have the biggest smile on our faces right now, simply because of Buwa’s new single ‘Want Me,’ which is a flipping tune. With one hell-of-a catchy hook and a confident, soulful vocal performance, the Nigerian-born solo artist is ensuring that ‘Want Me’ is up there in the rankings with other 2000’s Soul Pop classics […]

R&B Queen Teenear Creates Exclusive ‘Workout’ Playlist

Fri Nov 22 2019

“I chose these songs because they make me feel like a boss and when I’m working out I like to feel like I already am what I’m working towards. It motivates me” R&B Sensation Teenear has put together an exclusive workout playlist of her favourite, motivational R&B and hip-hop tracks to get her moving. Hopefully, […]

A Real Trip From Flamingods At Brighton Komedia

Wed Nov 20 2019

Flamingods are a four-piece alternative rock band from Bahrain and the UK. Their album ‘Levitation’ was released earlier this year which was met with bountiful press coverage and praise. ‘Levitation’ saw Flamingods expanding on their influences (which are already noticeably eclectic) with nods to Turkish psych, disco, and funk. Their music has been described as […]

Dua Lipa Continues To Prove Why She Is Britain’s Most Exciting Popstar

Wed Nov 20 2019

From nightclub door girl to a 2 time Grammy winner – the rise of Kosovo born British pop sensation Dua Lipa was meteoric on her self-titled debut. Her critics would say too fast in fact – how on earth did this girl go from walking down Carnaby Street to one of the world’s biggest pop stars in what seemed like only 5 minutes?

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