‘Billboards’ Is A Socially Relevant New Music Video From Aimee deBeer

Fri May 31 2019

“I’ve just got questions and no one to be” ‘Billboards’, the new track and music video from Aimee deBeer is really relevant to the superficialities of today’s society. The video explores the kinds of images which enhance our insecurities via social media. Some of the billboards portrayed in the video include, ‘Skinny Me’ and ‘Get […]

An Intimate & Charismatic Performance From Rachael Sage

Fri May 31 2019

On May 16th we headed down to Bedford to see the enigmatic and charismatic Rachael Sage perform. The Bedford’s cosy interior had been lit up with a collection of hazy neon stage lights, resulting in a space that was as magical as it was intimate. Seated at the piano for the majority of the performance, […]

‘Silence’ Is A Powerful New Single From Anna Wolf

Thu May 30 2019

Anna Wolf is an extremely rare artist simply on the basis of her fearless experimentation. She has all the conventional quirks expected of an Indie Electro singer. For example, her vocals are a cross between Ellie Goulding and Diana Vickers at times, and she traditionally drops a finger picked arpeggio on the acoustic over chilled, […]

Premiere: Julia Church Releases Her Expressive Debut ‘Square 1’

Thu May 30 2019

Julia Church exudes confidence in her debut single, ‘Square 1’ and it’s not surprising as it’s such a powerful introduction. Emotional depths are revealed through ethereal production (with a slight retro nod) and raw vocals bloom across an anthemic pop-hook. “Still hungry for your love, all of this years mean nothing to my heart, yesterday […]

Video Premiere: Taylor Grey Live On Tour In ‘Intentionally’

Thu May 30 2019

If you would like an insight into the life of a music artist on tour then check out the brand new music video from Taylor Grey who has been touring around the UK supporting The Vamps. A shining star in her own right, Taylor recently launched her single ‘Intentionally’ and now introduces the playful visuals […]

A Tender And Heartfelt New Album From Jolé

Wed May 29 2019

Following some gorgeous single release, songwriter Jolé has finally released his ethereal new self-titled album. Josh Oliver, aka Jolé, spent five years in Brighton playing in various touring bands before moving to London where he now resides and writes his music. This is his first solo album and he intertwines the music he grew up […]

Interview With Pop-Rock Band The 27

Wed May 29 2019

The 27 has spent the past few years writing new material and gaining the support and attention of some of the industries biggest names. The band’s dreamy Americana pop, with it’s sumptuous, close harmonies and thoughtful lyricism, has been making waves both here and stateside, and the collective is now looking to capitalise on this […]

Canadian Indie Band Yes We Mystic Rocks London’s Thousand Island Gig

Wed May 29 2019

With a band named Yes We Mystic who have a new record out on a label called DevilDuck Records – this project could have the potential to be interpreted as something quite mysterious. However, vocalist and guitarist Adam Fuhr and bandmates are authentic and brought the goods last week at their Highbury & Islington Thousand […]

Bellah’s ‘Peanut Butter Hazel’ Will Make You Feel Gooey

Tue May 28 2019

When I listened to Bellah’s new track ‘Peanut Butter Hazel’ for the first time, all I could picture was a melting chocolate fountain, surrounded by marshmallows and cotton candy. Singer-songwriter Bellah sounds like she’s part of a fairytale, her voice is so smooth and sensual. The electronic beat pulses in the background while her beautiful […]

Allianza’s ‘Thrive’ Is A Breezy R&B Song With A Passionate Message

Mon May 27 2019

“Not just trying to survive, baby we trynna thrive” Ride the neo-soul wave with new release ‘Thrive’ from stunning rising artist Allianza. The 22-year-old Afro-Latina singer-songwriter has loved telling stories since a young age which soon morphed into songwriting then classical vocal training, shortly followed by Pop and Rock styles. Inspired by artists such as […]

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