It’s Only The Beginning For RnB Sensation Chris Grey

Mon Dec 31 2018

It’s looking like Canada has its own new R&B sensation, in the form of Toronto’s talented Hip-Hop producer and Pop songwriter Chris Grey, who showcases a diverse batch of musical styles on his new 4-track E.P “The Beginning.” Kicking off with a Synth banger which delivers Industrial-esque drum programming, easily comparable to the epic sound […]

YOSSARIAN Releases The Ethereal And Futuristic ‘Exit Universe’

Fri Dec 28 2018

Alt-rock trio YOSSARIAN brings us ‘Exit Universe,’ this December. Ethereal and futuristic, it is perhaps the perfect detox to Christmas cheer. The trio, Ash Spencer, Joaquin Rodriquez San Pedro, and Sam Wallace, are gearing away from The National infused, indie rock sounds of their two previous albums, Little We Know and Light Up My Head […]

The Best Albums and EPs of 2018

Fri Dec 28 2018

Well my friends, its almost here. The end of 2018 is almost upon us, and what a year it’s been. It has been a hell of a year for new music, with some genuinely fantastic releases. Some were very surprising and have managed to stick with me. These are the albums and EPs that are […]

Music “Is Addictive” – Ea Kaya Opens Up To Neon Music

Wed Dec 26 2018

Danish pop star Ea Kaya has been dubbed one to watch in 2019 having won praise for previous release ‘Tied Up’ but behind there’s a lot more to pop star life besides the obvious glitz and glamour, and she wants more people to know that. Getting candid about the sometimes “unthankful craft” of making music, […]

Nothing Stays The Same Forever. Fabian Releases ‘Kouyou’

Fri Dec 21 2018

It feels apt, as the end of 2018 dawns upon us that a track concerning change should surface. Perhaps it is the perfect moment for such a song. Fabian Luttenberger’s latest track, “Kouyou,” blends aesthetically pleasing synths with sheer and crisp drum loops to deliver a strangely affirming song, while also managing to be full […]

Billie Eilish; A Special Kind Of Rising Star

Wed Dec 19 2018

I pose this question to you: what makes a real artist? Is it a subjective idea, a perspective on the quality of their music as a whole? Is it the production aspect, the lyrics, interaction with the community, ability to perform live? Perhaps it could be a combination of all these things, as 17-year-old artist […]

Teri Eloise Returns With Sultry New Single ‘Lose Myself’

Mon Dec 17 2018

With its laid-back musicality and classic R&B vibe, Teri Eloise’s new track ‘Lose Myself’ elegantly shows the versatility and talents of this young British/Trinidadian musician. Riding high on the success of her debut release ‘Blossom’, Eloise’s new track shows a different side to this singer-songwriter. ‘Lose Myself’ gives Eloise the opportunity and the space to […]

An Honest & Intimate Live Show And New Single From FERGUS

Fri Dec 14 2018

FERGUS is perfectly delicate and beautiful in his performance at an underground private live show in London’s Covent Garden On Tuesday 11th December, London based singer-songwriter FERGUS reminded his audience of the importance of personal expression and authenticity in artistry at his private live show at Covent Garden’s Cocoa Vault. FERGUS released his first EP, […]

Luke Friend Releases The Heartbreak Inspiring ‘LIAR’

Wed Dec 12 2018

‘LIAR’ is the latest catchy single from former X-Factor star Luke Friend. His rasping vocals really shine over a bass-heavy pulsing beat, glossy electro-pop production, and gritty lyrics about a lying girlfriend. “Where do you get your money from? Is it from a loved one or just another trust fund, Where did all that income […]

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