Interview With Indie Duo Tom Boy

Fri Nov 30 2018

“No one can fully escape tragedy. Not in the dimly lit dance clubs of London, not in the nearly black sex clubs of Berlin; not even at home in Toronto where someone always leaves a light on when you’re going to be late. The economist was wrong. There is no safe place; there is only […]

Life ‘Sux’ Without CAPPA

Fri Nov 30 2018

Every now and again a bop comes around about a break up that promotes female empowerment and ‘Sux’ by CAPPA is the latest. Straying away from a heart-breaking ballad, CAPPA is able to take a negative and spin it into a positive club banger. Instead of reminiscing about the relationship she talks about her moving on […]

Pop-Fusion Collective President Street Teams Up With Breaking Barriers For New Single

Thu Nov 29 2018

Riding high on the success of their previous release ‘Need You Now’, Australian pop-fusion collective President Street are now partnering up with Refugee employment charity Breaking Barriers (a unique organisation that provides an unparalleled service to address the systemic social and economic issues of integration from refugee communities), to release their new anthem which aims […]

A Night of Acoustic Rock’n’Roll In The Name Of Charity

Thu Nov 29 2018

Last weekend proved that music will always have the power to push change and remember as artists including, Tom Grennan, The Hunna, Danny Goffey, Liela Moss and Sophie & The Giants took to the Bush Hall stage in London’s, Shepherds Bush. A Peaceful Noise is the name of the charity event hosted by John Kennedy […]

‘You Know’ Is An Intimate R&B Delight From AMERY

Wed Nov 28 2018

22-year-old Belgian artist AMERY has released his latest track ‘You Know’ which is soulful and engaging and displays his honeyed vocals to perfection. Add relatable lyrics and beautiful harmonies to the mix and you have a hit song. AMERY’s fourth single is about the vicious circle we can find ourselves in resulting from the fear […]

Sofia, Pop’s New Darling Releases ‘Domino’

Wed Nov 28 2018

‘Domino’ is the gorgeous new single by 18-year-old Finnish singer-songwriter Sofia. It’s a soft synth-pop production where Sofia’s gentle vocals glide across blissful instrumentals. Sofia comments on her international debut, “my inspiration is drawn from Soul and older Americana to produce modern bangers that I guess can be categorised as pop music. In the way […]

Gogo Penguin At The Royal Albert Hall

Tue Nov 27 2018

The Manchurian trio Gogo Penguin gave an incredible performance at what must have been their biggest show to date at the Royal Albert Hall. The group has gained plenty of attention from critics with their unique take on jazz, influenced by elements in minimalism, electronica and modern classical giving them a new edge within modern […]

Interview With Lydia Evangeline As She Releases ‘Down’

Mon Nov 26 2018

Lydia Evangeline releases the very personal new song called ‘Down’ which has a dark-pop edge compared to her previous three releases. With swirling synths, pulsing percussion, and erratic notes you feel like you’re going down a black hole with her. Even Evangeline ‘s vocals feel desperate and the muted tones of the swimming pool themed […]

JUMPA’s New Single ‘Level Up’ Has The Feel-Good Factor

Fri Nov 23 2018

Jumpa for joy when you listen to this new track from Berlin native and two-time gold certified DJ and producer featuring eclectic artists Muntu and ILIRA. ‘Level Up’ is filled with summer-tinged Latin-influenced riffs, a sultry, hip-twizzling hip-hop beat and a feel-good factor to get you on that dance floor. Inspired by the roots of […]

Exclusive Interview With SHY Nodi As He Releases ‘No Vibe’

Fri Nov 23 2018

Today SHY Nodi releases his delicious new single ‘No Vibe’. Dark, mysterious, strangely seductive, the track glides along like a sleek sports car in the night. It has a broad, richly textured sonic palette and heightened R&B aesthetic. The haunting synth washes provide a moody core and SHY Nodi’s compelling lyrics tell the tale about […]

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