Float On A Summer Wave With The FNP Remix Of ‘Lessons In Love’

Tue Jul 31 2018

Float on a summer wave with the FNP remix of Peppermint Heaven’s hit single ‘Lessons In Love’. The track evokes images of the sunlight glittering on the ocean, shimmering sequins catching the light, pretty much anything sparkly and twinkly with it’s multi-faceted yet lush soundscape. Juno & Spark are Peppermint Heaven and their own brand […]

The Top 5 Music Videos Of Summer

Tue Jul 31 2018

While the days of audiences spending hours watching MTV count down the top music videos have come and gone, that doesn’t mean the videos themselves have gotten any less creative with time. In fact, 2018 was one of the best years for music videos in recent history, with countless directors and artists making truly creative […]

The Only Place To Be This Summer – ‘Ibiza’ By The Manor

Fri Jul 27 2018

Ibiza. The land of partying, attraction and more partying. Ibiza. The land of passing out every night, getting a tattoo on your backside and losing your friends before you’ve even got back to your hotel room. Which one of them you are is up to you. “Holiday day one I got messy” is the first […]

The Unique Sound Of RINNGS In Their Debut EP ‘GLORIOUS’

Fri Jul 27 2018

Last week London based alt-pop duo RINNGS, released their debut EP ‘Glorious’ by using their unique formula of music purely created by manipulated vocals and percussion, no other instruments are used. RINNGS is an intriguing independent duo composed by Karl Zine and Nai Jannson. Their debut EP released through independent record label Wow & Flutter […]

Heather Jayne Unveils Her Stunning Debut EP ‘Shadows’

Fri Jul 27 2018

Discovered on the hit show ‘The Voice’, singer-songwriter Heather Jayne has already released four powerful singles this year alone, whilst also performing at the Royal Albert Hall and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has recently unveiled her debut EP ‘Shadows’ indicating that 2018 is the year to watch out for this rising artist. With the body […]

‘Change’ Is Coming This Way For BAILEY

Thu Jul 26 2018

BAILEY is back with his latest track ‘Change’ and boy will it make you feel good. Sweet, tender with an anthemic chorus and uplifting harmonies the talented singer-songwriter describes his music as ‘elevating pop’. When BAILEY started writing he envisioned his music to be played in a band, but it ended up being a solo […]

PREMIERE: FHAT’s Debut Single is Pure ‘Pleasure’

Thu Jul 26 2018

What makes a song a summer anthem? Is it a sound that immediately transports you to a tropical, sun-soaked resort? Or perhaps it’s a song that you hear years from now which takes you back to the best summer of your life, summer 2018? The debut single ‘Pleasure’ from Berlin-based duo FHAT embodies all of […]

‘High While The Whole World Ends’ Is A Genre-Defying Track From KROWNS

Wed Jul 25 2018

At first glance, KROWNS’ debut single ‘High While The Whole World Ends’ (‘High’) is just another overproduced pop song. But, sit back on a rooftop at 2 am with this idiosyncratic anti-conformity anthem, and you’ve got a genre-defying track that fits trap, pop, alternative and electronic music into a four-minute single. ‘High’ begins with a […]

Tyson Kelly’s Debut Is Cutting-Edge 60s Rock, Modern Pop & It’s So Money

Tue Jul 24 2018

Debut single ‘Girl You’re So Money’ by ex-frontman of King Washington, Tyson Kelly, is not as 90s hip hop as the title may suggest. Instead, it is an effortless blend of cutting-edge 60s rock and modern pop, awash with sultry, summertime synths and airy vocals. This first single from impending EP ‘No Signal’ provides a […]

Henley Festival 2018 – The Most Chic Festival Of The Summer

Mon Jul 23 2018

Henley Festival hosts thousands of well-dressed individuals for five days along the banks of the River Thames with just one crucial code of conduct. Black-tie dress code. Now turning up to a festival in a bow tie and smart shoes, the atmosphere of the celebration was an eye-opener to what a gala can be. All […]

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