Individuality And A Streetwise Edge From Ajia With New EP ‘Visions’

Wed May 30 2018

Ajia’s new EP ‘Visions’, alongside its two singles ‘Flavours’ and ‘Real Love’ encapsulates everything exciting about the world of R&B at present. The caramel tones of Ajia’s voice, bluesy backing tracks and jazzy synths explore a more streetwise edge of R&B yet still seem to walk roads well travelled and a nostalgic dose of 90s R&B. […]

Live Review ABQ – The Mesmerist

Wed May 30 2018

Playing at The Great Escape on the 18th of May, it was clear that word had got out that ABQ, the N.Irish alternative four-piece, were ones to watch. The Mesmerist, with its intimate atmosphere and prime location in Brighton’s city centre, provided the perfect venue for their feisty and energetic performance. The boys began their […]

The Enchanting Voice of Nikhil At His Headline London Show

Tue May 29 2018

Nikhil had his first London headline gig of 2018 at The Waiting Room on May 21st opened by the new talented acoustic singer-songwriter Alex Hulme. Nikhil is a singer-songwriter and guitarist born in Mumbai, India, in 1981.  He was working as a geologist when he decided to follow his passion for music. Nikhil started his career as […]

‘Something Real’ Is An Ethereal Electro-Pop Ballad From Denton Thrift

Fri May 25 2018

Leeds-based duo Denton Thrift recently revealed ‘Something Real’ (Feat. Mared), the second track from their forthcoming EP ‘Sight’, set for release this summer. ‘Something Real’ follows the release of three successful singles, ‘Confessional’, ‘Sweetest Taboo’ and ‘Fear In the Night’ from back in 2017. Initially, the most interesting element of the song is the calming instrumentation […]

Seaker’s New Single Will Make You Lost For ‘Words’

Fri May 25 2018

Listening to North London-based singer-songwriter Seaker is a bit like being in a dream as she favours a melancholy backbone with ethereal vocals and poignant lyrics creating an overall haunting effect. ‘Words’ is the follow up to her single ‘The Waters‘ which was released last spring and it’s oh so good. It gradually builds piece by piece […]

What Makes A Summer Jam 2018?

Thu May 24 2018

Around this time last year, I was thinking about what it took for a song to gain the status of ‘summer jam’ and looked at some of the best ones around. This year, I thought I would post a little update on the original post, which you can read here. Upbeat, fun, catchy tunes are […]

Hypnotic Beats And Sounds From Deliah With ‘Achromatic’

Wed May 23 2018

There’s something to Deliah’s new single ‘Achromatic’ and the more I hear it, the more I like it. The song takes you to a strange place… there you can indulge in sadness and basically play on the whole Emo-spectrum! The paradoxical theme of romanticized depression is wonderfully captivated by the most amazing and beautiful lyrics […]

Jesus Cmplxx Fights For Independence With The Mesmerising ‘SUVI’

Tue May 22 2018

Jesus Cmplxx’s new release, ‘SUVI’, is a brave and aggressive fight for the independence and control of musical artistry. Having spent years working within the music industry Toronto-based artist Jesus Cmplxx was deflated by watching talented artists struggling to gain the recognition in an industry that had lost sight of what was new, exciting and […]

The Top 5 Concerts in NYC This Summer

Mon May 21 2018

Summer in New York has an energy like no other season, as millions of people take to the streets to appreciate the warm weather, the city’s parks, the seemingly-endless street fairs, the restaurants offering al fresco dining, and the excitement that fills the city. However, perhaps even more exciting are the city’s summer concerts, with […]

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