Lose Yourself In Callaghan’s ‘Skin on Skin’ EP

Thu Mar 29 2018

Laying on grass, surrounded by daisies, wondering where the clouds are drifting to. Losing yourself as your feet sink deeper into the sand. Smelling the sea, feeling the breeze and dreaming that every day would be like this one. That’s what I felt listening to the first 20 seconds of ‘Skin on Skin’ by Callaghan. […]

Top 5 Singles of 2018

Thu Mar 22 2018

While we’re only a few months into the new year, 2018 is already proving itself to be a standout year for music. From hip hop to synth-heavy pop music, the first few months of 2018 have already loaded the airwaves with some of the most listenable tunes we’ve heard in years, from new artists to […]

Matty Carter + Ariel – Creating With Depression

Wed Mar 21 2018

70 Percent of Musicians say they have suffered from depression or anxiety which comes as no surprise as it is such a competitive and high-pressure industry. Matty Carter from the New York duo Matty Carter + Ariel has used his depression to share awareness and show people you can take something difficult and turn it […]

Celebrating Brother Ray’s, ‘A Portrait of Ray’ 60-Years On

Tue Mar 20 2018

50 years ago this month, the legendary Ray Charles released ‘A Portrait of Ray’, a collection of blues, R&B, soul, and tinges of old-school gospel. To this day, it’s easily one of the most soulful albums ever produced – a prime example of why today’s musicians still call him “The Genius” or “The Father of […]

LAOLU Unveils The Cathartic And Atmospheric ‘All In Me’

Tue Mar 20 2018

After nearly three years away from the musical limelight, South East London singer-songwriter and musician LAOLU returns with her latest single ‘All In Me’. It is a personal journey as Laolu battled with depression and the pressures of the industry which in turn inspired her musically and gave her the confidence to return. Singing from […]

Disco Vibes From ANZU With ‘Without Love Vol. 1’ EP

Fri Mar 09 2018

ANZU releases new EP ‘Without Love Vol. 1’ featuring a mix of live instruments crossed with various styles of sampling. They are an exciting duo to watch out for with their fusion of electronic, funk, and house. An electronic music duo from Edmonton, ANZU was formed in 2012 by Simon Belanger and Jesse Silkie. They […]

Top 5 Music Couples

Fri Mar 09 2018

Being in a relationship is hard work. Being in a relationship when millions of people are watching your every move is undeniably harder. However, in the music industry, there are countless fairy tales that prove that, with a little dedication and a lot of patience, romance can thrive, even in the harsh glare of the […]

Leonie Sherif Shines With Her Own Brand Of R&B Electronica ‘Telepathy’

Thu Mar 08 2018

East Londoner Leonie Sherif is back with another round of her own brand of progressive R&B Electronica with ‘Telepathy’ and the Blakk Habit Remix. The original track is dark and moody and listeners should be prepared to be sucked into a whirlpool of gritty industrial instruments and amorphous synth loops. Leonie is an empowering woman and […]

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