Music For The New Generation – The Soul Jump Live Launch Show

Wed Jan 31 2018

Arriving at Elstree Studios, one of London’s top places for television and music was rather magical. The ceiling was decorated with stunning warm fairy lights and a very intimate atmosphere was created. I felt that this show was going to be very exciting. On the screen on the stage was the Soul Jump logo and the room […]

The Power Of Music

Wed Jan 31 2018

The saying goes that “music tames the wildest beasts“. This is a maxim that appeals to the powerful effect that a melody can have on us. To people who have never experienced this “powerful effect” of music, imagine that you walk down a street, immersed in your day-to-day problems and suddenly, you hear a song. […]

Fabich x A-Minor Release The Chilled ‘Naked Lines’ Feat. Aaron Pfeiffer

Tue Jan 30 2018

Following the gorgeous 2017 single ‘Hold On‘, Producer Fabich is back, this time alongside London producer A-Minor and vocalist Aaron Pfeiffer. ‘Naked Lines’ takes the same chilled stance with soulful R&B vocals, tinkly piano and a funky groove. The intro is quite twinkly then the song leaps into a sophisticated jazzy vibe with shimmering synths. […]

Who Will Be Blowing Up The Latin Music Charts This Year?

Sat Jan 27 2018

Latin music is one of the fastest-growing genres in the world, with artists from Medellin to Miami blowing up the charts and introducing countless new fans to the genre each year. In fact, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, Latin music is becoming more and more popular by the day, with sales of Latin music […]

Take A Bite Out Of Violetta Zironi’s Single ‘Toast’

Wed Jan 24 2018

For some sweet Folk/Americana look no further than Italian native Violetta Zironi. The singer-songwriter has been writing since she was 16 years old and gigging with a country/blues trio in bars and festivals around the North of Italy. In 2014 Violetta opened for Ben E. King who invited her on stage with him for a […]

Sophie Faith x Midnight Phunk: A Unique Collaboration With ‘Say So’

Tue Jan 23 2018

A new hybrid of Soul has been found in Sophie Faith. Her smokey sultry tones are punctuated by what may be deemed as an unpredictable dynamic rhythm in her latest single ‘Say So’ produced by Midnight Phunk. The collaboration makes for easy listening and repetitive replay button pressing. If you want a track to relax […]

Breakout Billboard Star and Superstar of 2017: Who Is Cardi B?

Fri Jan 19 2018

Cardi B should be on top of the world let alone the top of Billboard. Chilling in the Billboard clouds with the likes of The Beatles, Cardi B has really marked history, but where did she come from? ‘Belcalis Almanzar’, better known as Cardi B is an American Hip-Hop recording artist known for her high-profile […]

My Album Of 2017: Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’

Fri Jan 19 2018

Since 2017 is over now I thought I might as well take a second to look back at my favourite album of the year, Tyler, The Creator’s ‘Flower Boy’. This album is an exploration of loneliness, longing and depression. It’s telling that physical editions of the album refer to Tyler, The Creator by his real […]

8 Tips For Musicians In Today’s Digital Age

Thu Jan 18 2018

Being a musician today requires a very different way of working compared to 20, or even 10 years ago. The digital world is constantly developing and diversifying, making it initially easier to gain exposure, but more difficult to succeed as a musician. A major difference today is the increase in artists ‘going it alone’ without […]

Who Is Heading Up The Biggest Music Festival Of 2018?

Tue Jan 16 2018

Coachella is one of the world’s biggest musical events, drawing crowds from New York to Nairobi as nearly 100,000 total visitors descend on this amazing festival. The show’s 2018 lineup is undeniably its most impressive yet, with some of the biggest headliners ever hitting the stage in Indio, California from April 13th through the 22nd. […]

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