Why RnB is Responsible for Your Failing Love Life

Sun Apr 30 2017

It’s Friday night, and here you are again – sitting on the couch, tucking into a tub of ice-cream, pondering the fact that, once again, you are facing another weekend alone. Devoid of dates, devoid of intimacy – while it seems all your friends are out spending quality time with their significant others, bragging on […]

Lost In The Spine-Tingling Music Of Carter

Thu Apr 20 2017

As soon as I first heard the song ‘Human’ I was lost. Lost in an ocean of feelings, memories, emotions, awe. I just had to find out more about the artist behind it. Introducing Carter from Suriname. Apart from me being an idiot and getting the time difference wrong and calling an hour too early, […]

Chase Atlantic Show How To Trigger A Wave With New Single

Sat Apr 15 2017

Discover Chase Atlantic, an Australian born and LA-based trio consisting of two brothers (Mitchel and Clinton Cave) and their longtime friend (Christian Anthony) who formed the group in 2011. With a big following in their home country, they are now taking on the world with EP trilogies ‘Part One’ and ‘Part Two’, the latter which […]

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