Naz & Ella Take You On An Unexpected Journey With Powerful New EP

Tue Feb 28 2017

Towards the end of last year, we wrote about North London Acoustic Indie Folk Duo, Naz & Ella, as they released debut single ‘Love Is Love.’ Fast forward a few months and here they are with their 4 track debut EP, ‘In Limbo!’ The songs take you on a musical journey with a wide range […]

This Isn’t the ‘Last Call’ for Singer Alessandro Ciminata.

Tue Feb 14 2017

Singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata recently released his new single ‘Last Call’, an Indie-Electronic track with an atmospheric and captivating sound. Predominantly a love song, it is about a lover asking for more love and is tinged with sadness. It is an invitation to look inside ourselves. ‘Last Call’ features a mystical, driving bass as an introduction […]

A Compelling & Haunting Voice Neonomora ‘Be Still, My Soul’.

Thu Feb 02 2017

If Neonomora’s voice, songs and music videos don’t resonate deep within you then surely you can’t be alive and breathing. This Indonesian singer-songwriter is an incredibly captivating singer to watch develop on the music scene; her unique sound is all consuming. Although she has only been in the industry for a handful of years and […]

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